Letter to Urban Seedling

A personal letter I just wrote to Tereska Gesing, owner at Urban Seedling, our biggest competitor.       Hi Tereska, So I got excited about collaborating when Bryce asked me if I wanted work at Urban Seedling when I was checking out the Nutritower last month. You guys have 20 employees!!  I had 7…


Culture sur mesure: InstaPlante

We have the space. We have the lights. We have the know-how.

Let us grow culinary plants for your restaurant, catering service or private kitchen. Nothing beats the flavor of eating something you harvested seconds before.

We are now taking requests for this grow/delivery service.

Dave qui sert des salades poussées à l`intérieur.

product of Montreal

Our favorite local businesses

Babylone Hydro-Organique “Le magasin de l’agriculture urbaine.” -Since 1999 Babylone has been devoted to the cutting edge in urban gardening technology. With a focus on organic practices they cover plant and seed distribution, hydroponic elements, orchid culture, top quality growing mediums and fertilizers, neo-traditional growing practices and good advice. 3870, rue Ste-Catherine Est, Montréal, H1W…